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Open 52 Weeks a year.
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8.00am-17.15pm

Monday- Friday 7.00am- 18.00pm
Closed only on Public Holidays


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are always many questions that come with the anticipation of commencing care for your child. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions but are always happy to help with any further queries. 

Question #1

What are your fees?
Currently our fees are $95 per day per room


Question #2

Do you offer session times?

Yes. We offer a variety of session times to suit all needs. We believe in maximising the CCS for every family to ensure all children are able to attend care.


Question #3

What should I pack?
Please ensure that you bring several spare changes of clothing- children will engage in messy play, water play and other exciting experiences and we believe that children should all be able to participate. 
Please bring a drink bottle with water as the preferred drink. 


Question #4

Do you provide food & nappies?

No. We ask that families provide food and nappies. We do this for a number of reasons. We believe it is important to foster the child's independence as they progress through the rooms to encourage their self help skills such as opening their own lunch boxes, looking after their own belongings, providing the child with choice of what they would like to eat rather than providing them with a uniform meal. These are all valubale skills necessary for smooth transition to "big" school. This way families are also able to keep a track of what their child is consuming during the day.

We ask families to provide nappies for their child to prevent allergies and again so the family is truly aware of the amount of changes their child has had during the day.